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Commander's welcome

I welcome you to Hellenic National Meteorological Service website.
We consider our interaction with the visitor very important and strive to provide accurate information about the mission, administrative structure, history and educational activities of our Service.
Our main goal is, through this site, to give access to a wealth of meteorological information, products, and services, thus best serving the public.
Hellenic National Meteorological Service is the official agency responsible for supporting National Defense,National Economy and Social Community.
In order to fulfill our mission, a steady and indisputable target is to maintain the highest standards and credibility of our services at national and international level.
This requires our uninterrupted and continuous 24/7 operation, as well as adhering firmly to the following principles:
  • Systematic monitoring of international standards, specifications, and practices and ensuring their implementation within the Service.
  • Studying and applying scientific research in close collaboration with national research institutions of atmospheric parameters and phenomena related to weather and climate.
  • Systematic cooperation with national and international meteorological organizations and use of weather prediction models.
  • Employing high-level staff and continuing life-long specialized training
  • Constant modernization and upgrading of national network of automatic weather stations.
  • Systematic maintenance of infrastructure and calibration of meteorological instruments of measurement.
  • In-house development of software covering our operational needs.
  • Continuous assessment, quality control and improvement of offered services.
  • Conforming to ISO 9001 Standard and application of all legalities and regularities related to our operation.
  • Continuous quality assurance and improvement of efficiency of our Quality Management System.
We are convinced that we can successfully meet our mission, making the best use of optimal resources that the state invests in.

Brigadier General (HAF) Nikolaos Vogiatzis
Director, Hellenic National Meteorological Service
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