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Quality Policy of HNMS for the support of Aviation

The vision of HNMS is to be the top provider of meteorological support in Greece and one of the most important providers in Europe.
The mission of HNMS is to provide meteorological support to the sectors of Greek National Defence, Greek Economy and Greek Society as a whole.

Regarding the support of aviation in particular, the objectives of our policy are:
  • to provide reliable weather observations and weather forecasts to national and international aviation, and timely warning in case of emergency weather
  • to provide complete aeronautical information according to the requirements of the parties addressed to HNMS and the specifications of International Organizations
  • to provide immediate aeronautical information within the time period specified by the requirements of International Organizations, and by using the most advanced means
To achieve the above objectives we commit to the following principles:
  • Regular monitoring of international standards and ensuring that they are applied by HNMS
  • Systematic collaboration with International Meteorological Organizations, and use of international weather models
  • Employment of high competence personnel and continuous specialized training of personnel
  • Continuous modernization and expansion of the required infrastructure of meteorological stations
  • Regular maintenance of equipment and calibration of measuring equipment
  • Conducting studies and scientific research in collaboration with national institutions that conduct research of atmospheric parameters, weather related and climatic phenomena
  • Development of software that covers our operational needs
  • Continuous measurement and improvement of the quality level of our provided services
  • Implementation of the ISO 9001 requirements, and of all the statutory and regulatory requirements related to our operation
  • Continuous measurement and improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
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