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Severe weather warnings for Europe from
Who will benefit from
The service concerns Europe but is meant for everyone in the world and available in 17 languages. Not only will business and holiday travelers benefit, so will official organizations such as marine and mountain rescue services. People can use to plan more effectively, businesses can prepare for how severe weather could affect their operations and emergency services will have up-to-date information close to hand. TV weather presenters in Europe may use the colored map to enhance extreme weather.
Our climate is changing and extreme weather is likely to occur more frequently, increasing danger to life and damage to property. Time after time storms, floods, or avalanches somewhere in Europe have lead to a disaster and heat waves over recent years have cost many thousands of lives. provides a single source of comprehensive weather conditions anywhere in Europe.
The following countries have participated with their National Weather Services: Austria Belgium Cyprus Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom
Further details and an information leaflet are available from or telephone Monique Somers and Harry Geurts + 31 30 2206 317 and +31 6 53 214 364.
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